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82% ...of voters don't think most marketers "get" the new importance of video games. Only 18% felt marketers fathom the possibilities the video-game market can offer them and their clients.

"Most marketers don't 'get' the importance of video games because most marketers think Mario Brothers is a pizza place. If it's not measured in traditional metrics and supported by a lot of research, it is a real tough sell."

-Phil Akin/Director-marketing/Advance Auto Parts/Roanoke, Va.

"Many agencies are not looking past yesterday and have yet to acquire a working knowledge of video games and the new sorts of marketing opportunities they offer. Agencies must prove to clients that video games have become something more than a sideline entertainment. ... Someday, we will have a president who grew up playing Super Mario Brothers."

-Matt Johnson/Media planner/Periscope/Minneapolis

"Given that video-game sales now surpass Hollywood blockbusters ... marketers need to realize that this is not a passing fad. Video games ... are the choice of entertainment for the influencers and leaders."

-Daniel Sutton/Account executive/Wieden & Kennedy/Portland, Ore.

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