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51% ...of online voters believe TV networks are deceiving consumers by not labeling product placements. The remaining 49% of respondents in this close vote feel viewers are smart enough to know the difference without additional labels.

"Not informing viewers that marketers are paying to have their products featured in shows-or even newscasts-is unethical. However, it doesn't really matter [because] the heavy-handed manner in which product placements are executed doesn't fool anyone."

-Dyann Espinosa/ Francisco

"Consumers will be much more annoyed with programming that displays labels of product placement than with the placement itself. Do we really believe the average consumer cares whether or not Coke paid to have their product on 'American Idol?'"

-Sarah Berg/Media Director/Nichols Media/Sioux Falls, S.D.

"Product placement does pose ethical concerns. After all, the great impact of an effective product placement is achieved when consumers are unaware that the placement is intentional."

-William Scott/Marketing Director/Integrated Research Services/Eugene, Ore.

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