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81% ...of voters think magazine editorial space should remain off-limits to product placements. Of close to 900 respondents, only 19% feel that branded-entertainment efforts are an untapped opportunity to further integrate products into magazine content.

"A quality media relations team will get the appropriate product placements if they fit within the mission of a publication. If those placements are sold, then ... smaller companies will not be able to afford placements. Invest in resources to build quality editorial relationships, don't try to buy your way in."

-Tad Druart/President/TnT Communications/Austin, Texas

"It is up to the magazine industry to create and explore [advertising] opportunities, just as every other medium has done in the past few years. ... Magazines will discover a new generation of readers who fully understand the economic model of advertising-supported media and are open to ... an ingredient of integrated advertising in all media."

-Ben Grill/Research strategist/Sachs Insights/New York

"A magazine's biggest asset is the trust of its readers that the information is unbiased and of high journalistic integrity. Slipping advertisements in will damage that trust...."

-Andrew Osterday/Project manager/The Rev/Atlanta

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