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"If automakers need a little brand awareness, they should refrain from TV spots for the entire year. If they need brand awareness, then they should selectively choose their buy. Mazda did this very effectively a couple of years ago by buying off-season spots. As the largest spenders on advertising, automakers can and should control themselves."

-Chris Laurance/President/ Distraction Marketing/Newport Beach, Calif.

"Network TV is no longer the only game in town. The Internet is reaching many potential buyers at only a fraction of network TV costs. This trend will only continue with the growing popularity of broadband and WiFi technology."

-Kevin Murphy/New York

"The automakers and their media agencies made their beds and now they might just have to sleep in them if the networks hold to their increases. They created this animal in whose cage they are now trapped."

-Patricia Wollenberg/Owner/Gorilla Media/Chicago

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