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"Even as a firm believer in guerrilla marketing, I think on-field base ads are taking it too far. There are enough advertising opportunities within the baseball stadium without touching the sacred field."

-Suzanne Hansen/Senior account manager/GoGORILLA Media/New York

"I'm not in favor of turning baseball uniforms or fields into Nascar uniforms or cars, but this strikes me as a relatively small incursion into the 'sacred territory.' ... Ironically, the sponsor got more exposure from the cancellation than they would have from the promotion."

-Steve Flatow/VP-sales and business development/Major Indoor Soccer League/Westport, Conn.

"What's next, selling actual positions to the highest-bidding advertisers? ... There's a high fly ball out to Applebee's Rib-Eye All-Beef center. And of course, when a pitcher throws his fourth pitch low and outside, will the umpire call it a Sony Walkman?" -Al Porcini/New York

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