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"The advertising agency who created this ad understands how vernacular Spanish-much like vernacular English-is not about political correctness. Remember, this is the same language where the chubby girl of the family is 'gordita' and 'cabron' can be anyone from your best friend to the person who cut you off on the highway. I think Coors did an excellent job of using cultural knowledge to make a commercial which effectively targets the Hispanic market."

-Elizabeth Lambos/Rye, N.Y.

"I was raised in Mexico City and the word 'guey' used to be an offensive word when I was a kid. But culture changes and affects the use of words and their connotation. Now, using the word 'guey' is extremely common among young people and in TV programs."

-Lorena Isima/San Antonio

"The fact that this has become a topic of discussion reflects just how out of touch the 'general market' is."

-Jessica Pantanini/VP-managing director/Interlink/San Antonio

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