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"This time around is a real rebound because the industry is smarter about how online media can work and how easily it can be manipulated. The general public is starting to get more comfortable with using the Internet. ... It's a classic case of supply and demand-the public demands an online world and we need to be there."

-Matt Johnson/Media Planner/Periscope/Minneapolis

"The novelty of rich media pop-ups has led to the sudden jump in online ad sales. It's unique and visually interesting, but once the novelty wears off: POP! The online public's growing animosity for invasive

advertising will tone it down."

-Don Derenthal/Senior Designer/VelvetAce Design/Melbourne, Ky.

"The Internet is a medium so powerful it will one day in the not-too-distant future surpass television in importance."

-Jeff Linder/former Exec VP/Rothschild/New York

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