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"The question is not will TiVo survive and prosper, it is how did the company spend so much time and money on what is unquestionably a well-formed product, patent and brand positioning, but never a viable revenue model?"

-Julia Bassett Schwerin/CEO, Infotech/Norwich,Vt.

"TiVo will survive as a premium-branded niche player in the PVR market. Even if TiVo doesn't survive as a product or company, the name will live on as it has become part of the American lexicon as the generic name for PVRs and as a verb: 'I TiVo'd "American Idol" last night.'"

-Kate Holmes/Senior VP-group media director, Mullen Advertising/Winston-Salem, N.C.

"TiVo was the technology company for early adopters, but their lack of HD product, stupid pricing moves and lackluster ad presence spells doom for the best thing to happen to TV since color and the remote control."

-David Esrati/Chief creative officer/The Next Wave/Dayton, Ohio

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