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"The direction Mr. Light seems to be headed in is too narrowly focused and misses the point-network [TV] is still the best way to drive people into their restaurants; it's the traffic that drives the sales."

-Chris Thomas/senior account manager/The National System/St. Louis

"According to our recent survey, consumers say they'll spend up to 14 minutes interacting with a brand in a live experience. The ROI on that extended impression is enormous. But that doesn't mean mass marketing is ineffective, it just means it needs to be integrated with live experiences so that each can enhance and reinforce the other."

-Laura Shuler/president-U.S./ Jack Morton Worldwide/New York

"This might be somewhat true for the big, bloated giants of global mass marketing, but I think brand positioning has a long and useful shelf life for the small- to medium-size national business."

-Chris Miles/assistant professor-advertising and public relations/Eastern Mediterranean University/Turkish Cyprus

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