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"The chaotic frenzy to climb to the top resembles crushing mob mentality more than fun to me. I suppose I'm not the demographic, but it just didn't ring true."

-Bill Braden/studio representative/The Park/Detroit

"It's a great reminder for us not to get so wrapped up in the functional and rational. Great brands have the ability to connect and inspire on a higher emotional level."

-Bob Connolly/advertising manager/White Wave/Boulder, Colo.

"There is obviously a fine line between 'truly global' and generic. I find that this spot could just as easily have been for XBox, Nike, Adidas or even Axe. No, give me 'Worms' instead."

-Jesper Hansen/copywriter/ BBDO/Copenhagen, Denmark

"Isn't it funny that physical activity is being used to sell a product that promotes inactivity? I'm just waiting for a mini-McDonald's-esque backlash."

Tracy Levitz/art director/Adverteria/Indiana, Pa.

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