Viral Ads: Tape-Maker Duck Pays Homage to 'Tron' With Light Cycle Scene Send-up

Duck Taps YouTube's 'Tron Guy' For Spot; DC Shoes Stays in First

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Looking to capitalize on nostalgia for the 1982 cult classic "TRON" (and conceivably also for its 2010 sequel), tape-maker Duck debuted in second place this week with 815,000 views of its homage to the films.

The campaign, Official: Duck Tron, features colorful rolls of duck tape zooming in sharp angles across a blank grid - a re-creation of the light cycle scene from "TRON." The 37-second video also features Jay Maynard, better known as the "Tron Guy," who became a viral sensation thanks to his self-made electroluminescent costume inspired by the movie.

Holding onto first place with two million views is DC Shoes's fourth installment of the Gymkhana series, featuring the professional rally driver in a Universal Studios lot. And debuting in 10th place with about 492,000 views was Fancy Feast's "Something Borrowed" video, following the story of a couple who got engaged in an earlier installment of the Storybook Wedding campaign and now tie the knot with their white Persian cat in attendance.

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