Master Price Survey: What Do Web-Video Ads Cost?

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Prices for advertising connected to Web video range as wildly as the content itself.

This compilation, by contributing writer Daisy Whitney, documents the asking rates for different kinds of ads connected to Web video. The information provided generally reflects so-called rate-card prices, not the prices advertisers necessarily pay. But in a medium whose business model is evolving as rapidly as Web video’s, information like this can be a starting point for both buyers and sellers. encourages its community of readers, including ad buyers and sellers, to use the comments function below to share their experiences pricing Web video (Readers: caveat emptor on any prices appearing in the comments section!). For a glossary of Web advertising terms, see this WebVideoReport exclusive.


Advertising Age (Crain Communications)
This Crain publication, a sister to and TelevisionWeek, is the leading news source covering the advertising industry.


Ad rates: Flat rate for pre-roll only, custom pricing for integrated programs. For instance, a video ad in the Garfield’s Ad Review feature costs $15,200 for four weeks and $124,800 for 48 weeks.

Web video ads offered:
  • Pre-roll

  • Video in banner

Integration: AdAge also sells Web-video ads packaged with standard online, print, mobile, RSS feeds, and events

Past clients: A&E, VideoEgg, Meredith

CBS Local (TV Stations)
CBS Local is a network of sites for the owned & operated CBS television stations that features 23 local Web sites reaching more than 10 million unique users per month. The CBS Local network offers live video of breaking news and other special events. The network also delivers more than 8 million monthly video views from more than 350,000 on-demand video clips.


Ad rates: The CPM for video on CBS Local sites starts at $50. The company declined to quote the upper end of the price range.

Web video ads offered:

  • 15-second pre-roll

  • Video sponsor units

  • Companion banner ads with message unit and video sponsor unit (different size ads on site)

  • In-banner video unit (video inside a banner ad)

  • Sponsored video sections

Integration: CBS Local offers packages for all distribution platforms, including broadcast television and digital media properties. CBS Local also syndicates its video content to local and national partners. Sponsorship packages are available for major events, including Grammy’s, NCAA Bracket Challenge and Elections 2008. Packages include special content integration opportunities in addition to media.

Past clients: Recent video advertisers include GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Nissan, Volvo, Jeep, BMW, Carmax, Procter & Gamble, Energizer, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Sylvan Learning Center, Harrah’s, Ireland Tourism, Ski New Hampshire, Hong Kong Tourism, Tourism Australia, Maui Tourism, Miami Tourism, PNC Bank, Time Warner, Comcast, Echostar, T-Mobile, Quest, US Cellular, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Heart Association, Glaxo SmithKline and Novartis.
-1/20/08 is the online companion to the cable news network. relaunched in July 2007 and features online video, including an in-page video player and a live player for live news. served 109.5 million video streams in February 2008 and monthly video usage on has increased 69% compared to a year ago.


Ad Rates: CNN declined to disclose rates, but media agencies say CPMs start at $25 for the site.

Web Ads Offered: Standard and rich media display ads including in-banner video; in-stream video ads on Web pages and in the various video players; and pre- and post-roll video ads

Integration: CNN has sold ads across multiple platforms including, online video, podcasting, mobile, CNN TV Network, CNN International and Headline News.

Past Clients: Orbitz, Lending Tree, Chrysler, Apple, Chevrolet, Netflix, Sears, Toyota.

CondeNet (Conde Nast)
The Conde Nast magazine empire’s online incarnation includes properties such as,,,, and


Ad Prices: Flat Fee Sponsorships or CPM. CondeNet declined to share details on pricing.

Web video ads offered:

  • Pre-roll ads

  • Companion Ads (300x250)

Integration: CondéNet has established relationships with major portals including MSNBC, Yahoo!, YouTube and other video sites to distribute its content and accompanying ads.

Past clients: American Express, Visa, Bertolli, Hilton, Nestle, Haagen Dazs, Charles Schwab

For Your Imagination
For Your Imagination is a New York-based Internet video production company that is currently producing six Web series and plans to expand to about 20 later this year. The company develops original Internet TV shows and also partners with existing producers to fine-tune, distribute, promote and monetize their shows.


Ad Rates: CPM ad rates range from $20 to $60.

Web Video Ads Offered:
  • Brand integration

  • Dynamic in video ads including overlays

  • Pre- and post-rolls

  • Site takeovers with banners

  • Integration: FYI has focused on brand integration and sponsorships, including recent deals with Graco, BabyBjorn , Chipotle, Boon and New Belgium Beer.

    Past Clients: Graco, BabyBjorn, TJMaxx.

    Hearst-Argyle Television
    Hearst owns 26 TV stations in the U.S. and sells ads across the station Web sites, such as KCRA-TV in Sacramento and WBAL-TV in Baltimore.


    Ad Rates: Pricing depends on a number of factors including targeting, size and duration of campaign and the specific sponsorship that was purchased, with CPMS ranging from $15 to $100.

    Web ads offered:

    • 15 second pre-rolls

    • The company plans to add companion ads in the near future

    Integration: Clients can buy Web video ads as part of a package with on-air spots on a local station.

    Past clients: Canon, Pontiac, Maryland Toyota, ACE Hardware, McDonald’s, US Army.

    The ManiaTV Network launched in 2004 and produces, sells and distributes original TV programming targeting the 18-to-34 year-old audience. The company’s production studio is based in Los Angeles and the site delivers more than 8 million viewers per month. Leading shows include “Dave Navarro's Spread Entertainment,” “Tom Green Live,” “National Lampoon's Lemmings,” “Arcade” and “Backstage Pass.”


    Ad Rates: CPM range is $10-$30 depending on the show and integration package.

    Web Video Ads Offered:
  • Show integration

  • Show sponsorships

  • In-banner video

  • Companion banner ads

  • Pre- and post-rolls

  • On-set branding

  • Brought-to-you-by bumpers

  • Overlays (starting in April)

  • Integration: Branded show integration can include mentioning or using the client’s product, promoting a contest or Web site, and show sponsorships.

    Past Clients: GM, Honda, Toyota, Sprint/Nextel, Cingular, Verizon, AT&T, NBC, ABC, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Old Spice, L'Oreal, Nikon, Sony, Adidas, Nike, Coke, Pepsi, Wrigley, Citibank, XBox, Sony PSP, Nintendo, Atari, Frito-Lay, Best Buy, HBO, Virgin, Victoria Secret, WWE and many more.

    NBC Universal TV Stations
    The NBC Universal Television Stations division includes 10 NBC-owned TV stations in major U.S. markets, such as WNBC in New York and KNTV in San Francisco. NBC sells advertising on the Web sites for those stations.


    Ad rates: CPMs range from $40 to $75, depending on the market.

    Web Video ads offered:

    • Pre-roll

    • Overlays

    • Banner ads

    • Classified listings in some cases

    Integration: The company sells integrated ad packages online and on-air in local markets, against national cable and TV, and with new digital out-of-home venues, such as gyms and taxi cabs.

    Past Clients: American Express, General motors, Sprint, Kohler, Bacardi, Toyota/Lexus, various Broadway Shows in New York.

    Revision3: Revision3 is an online TV network that produces more than 12 original Web series, mostly focusing on technology, culture and lifestyle.


    Ad Rates: CPMs for Web video range from $60 to $80.

    Web Video Ads Offered:
  • Brand integration

  • Host shout-outs

  • Brought-to-you-by messages

  • Integration: Revision3 has focused on brand integration and sponsorships. Hosts will say that certain segments of a show are “brought to you by,” while many Revision3 shows have also included product integration.

    Past Clients: Virgin Atlantic, Adagio Teas, Body by Venus, Carson’s Ribs, Beck’s Beer Southern Comfort, Sony, Microsoft, FX Networks, Adobe.

    TV Guide
    TV Guide Broadband at is part of TV Guide Network. It's an ad-driven video service with short-form content about celebrities, TV and entertainment. Most of TV Guide Broadband’s content is derived from TV Guide Network, but the Web venture also produces its own original content (such as Rhett and Link music videos and “Making News: This Just In” webisodes).


    Ad Rates: TV Guide Broadband sells on a CPM basis with rates ranging from $25 to $30.

    Web Video Ads Offered: TV Guide Broadband runs 10 to 20 second pre-rolls, lower third overlays and companion banners. The bulk of the business is in pre-rolls, but TV Guide expects lower-thirds to comprise more of the mix in the coming year.

    Integration: TV Guide Broadband offers integration opportunities across the site, such as ringtones from AT&T/Cingular in conjunction with ads

    Past Clients: ATT/Cingular Wireless and Kraft.

    Wall Street Journal (News Corp.’s Dow Jones)
    The Wall Street Journal, the flagship newspaper for News Corp.’s Dow Jones company, is building out its video advertising content as an adjunct to the subscription revenue and static Web ads it sells on


    Ad rates: The CPM for video on is $90. For more information, see the video sales sheet.

    Web video ads offered:

    • A 15-second pre-roll

    • A coordinating 300x250 ad unit that is visible above the content space during the pre-roll video

    • An expandable reminder unit that remains to the right of the video “You Are Watching" headline. When a user clicks “Expand", the 300x250 unit displayed during the initial video pre-roll ad will reappear, enabling further user interaction.

    Integration: The Wall Street Journal sells video advertising packages that run across the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, which includes,, and

    Past clients: Recent video advertisers include Skyy Vodka, Cisco, IBM, HP, Jaguar, Knight Capital Group and Mercer Consulting.

    WorldNow TV
    WorldNow is a service provider for local TV stations’ Web sites. The company powers Web sites for ABC, Cox, Dispatch, Gray, Journal, Landmark, LIN, Local TV, LLC, Media General, News Press & Gazette, Raycom, Time Warner Cable, Tribune and Young. WorldNow serves 33 million video streams per month.

    World Now

    Ad rates: CPMs are $30 or more.

    Integrated buys: WorldNow is solely focused online and offers Web-only ads, though clients can sell across TV and online.

    Past Clients: Advertisers on sites in the WorldNow network have included Cadillac, Glass City Federal Credit Union and numerous local advertisers.

    WEB VIDEO SITES is a New York-based online television network focused on promoting and monetizing original, independently produced TV shows on the Web. Shows on range from scripted sitcoms and dramas to newsmagazines. The lineup includes “Wallstrip,” “Mahalo Daily,” “Alive in Baghdad,” “Break a Leg” and “Who What Wear Daily.” shares all advertising revenues with show creators 50/50 and also syndicates shows to AOL Video, iTunes, MSN and the Sony Bravia.


    Ad Rates: sells ads in a variety of ways including run of site and sponsorship of top shows. On a CPM basis, run of site ads range from $10 to $30 and sponsorships from $30 to $100 or higher, based on the level of brand integration and the show or set of shows an advertiser has selected to sponsor.

    Web Video Ads Offered:
  • Short pre-rolls

  • Overlays

  • Post-rolls

  • Product placement

  • Integration: can integrate brands into top shows; offer host shout-outs to sponsors; and do custom ads by content creators to promote brands and products.

    Past Clients: Unilever, Dewars, Comedy Central, HBO, GoDaddy, Adobe.
    Break is a video-sharing site that aims to engage young male viewers that advertisers are interested in reaching. The site shows over 12,000,000 videos and 5,000,000 pictures daily.


    Ad rates: Traditional placements range from $10 CPM to $35 CPM. Rates for video placements and custom sponsorships vary by project.

    Web Video Ads:

    • Flash overlays

    • Pre-roll

    • In video bugs

    • Accompanying companion units

    Integration: Break lets clients advertise within original content and user-generated content. Break also can integrate brands into its rich media ads. In addition, Break will develop customized sponsorships such as home page programs, content integration, and product placement.

    Past clients: Anheuser Busch, Axe, Burger King, Diageo, EA, Honda, Jim Beam, Keystone, MTV Networks, NBC Universal, Nike, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Verizon, Viacom, Vivendi Games, Warner Brothers Home Video

    Metacafe is one of the first generation of video-sharing sites. The site offers short-form, original video content that gives users entertainment breaks. The sites users identify the most popular videos and the site’s producers’ rewards program pays video creators for their best work, as determined by the viewers.


    Ad rates: Rates range from $10 CPM to $35 CPM, depending on placement. The rate card for pre-roll, and home-page sponsored video units is $35. The rate card for overlay ads is $20, and a static companion ad runs from $10 to $20.

    Web video ads offered:

    • Home page player

    • Search results page player

    • Pre-roll

    • Overlay

    • Companion ads next to pre-rolls and overlays (300x250 to right of player and 468x60 below player)

    Integration: Metacafe said it offers a range of ad programs, such as basic in-stream options of flash overlays, and pre-roll and post-roll ads. The site also offers accompanying companion units as well as customized home-page programs, mash-up tools, custom content integration, as well as various types of product placement.

    Past clients: Adidas, American Apparel, Axe, American Online, Activision, Barilla, Carlsberg, CanalSat, Canon, Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Dove, Ford, Gillette, Goodyear, Heineken, Heinz, Kodak, Lancome, Lego, LG,, Merck, Mentos, Microsoft, Miller, MTV, National Geographic, Nike, Nokia, Orange, Orbit, Palmolive, Peugeot, Pepsi, PS2, Playstation 3, Real Networks, Renault, Rockstar, Samsung, Sega, Skype, Snickers, Sony Ericsson, TCM, 20th Century Fox, Ubisoft, Universal Pictures, Virgin, Visa, Vodaphone, Xerox.

    No Good TV
    No Good TV ( No Good TV is part of the profusion of ventures creating short content and syndicating it across the Web. The site recently caught the attention of the traditional TV community, and syndicated evening show “Extra" will be integrating No Good TV segments into its Monday-Friday program.


    Ad rates: CPMs range from $15 to $40 and vary based on length of term, extent of exclusivity and customization. All sponsorship agreements are customized for each individual client.

    Web video ads offered:

    • Banner ads

    • Overlays

    • Skyscrapers

    • Alpha video

    • Transitional pages and full channel sponsorship

    • Pre-roll and post-roll (15 seconds or less)

    • No Good TV can also create “parody" pre-roll, post roll and full promotional spots using real products/brands in a humorous scripted vignette.

    • Sponsorship agreements can range from traditional banner ads to integrated original live-action or animated short-form series programming.

    Integration: No Good TV said it offers customized and strategic product and brand integration into the program content. Advertisers integrated into No Good TV’s show also gain additional exposure on YouTube, which carries a No Good TV channel, which is currently the fourth most-viewed YouTube partner of all time. Additional brand exposure includes event presence and party sponsorships.

    Past clients: Microsoft’s Halo 3, Universal Studios, Sony and Avid

    Revver is an online video-sharing network focusing on independently-produced media. Revver shares advertising revenue with video creators and syndicators.


    Ad rates: Rates range from $10 CPM to $20 CPM, depending on ad placement. Pricing is also available on a CPC (cost per click) basis.

    Web video ads offered: Pre-roll, post-roll, pre-play display, post-play display.

    Integration: Revver offers a range of ad programs over its video network as well as on its own Web site. In-player ad units and flash overlays are offered over its network and standard ad units are offered on the site. Exclusive sponsorships, skins and takeovers are available.

    Past clients: ABC, Absolut, American Apparel, Coca Cola, Columbia Pictures, Disney, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, MTV Networks, NBC Universal, Nintendo, Paramount Pictures, Procter & Gamble, Sega, SC Johnson, Sony Pictures, Taco Bell, Universal Pictures, Verizon, Warner Brothers Pictures.

    YouTube, the biggest video sharing site, hosts user-generated and professionally produced content. The site, a Google subsidiary, is experimenting with ways to wring revenue from its content, offering a variety of Web-video ad formats.


    Ad rates: According to parent company Google’s Web site, advertising on YouTube requires a $50,000 spend within 90 days. On brand channels, advertisers must spend $250,000 across Google and YouTube, including $100,000 or more on YouTube only. A YouTube home page roadblock is a $100,000 per day flat fee plus a $100,000 incremental spend on Google and YouTube within 90 days. The company said on its site: “Currently you can apply to advertise directly with YouTube if you’re willing to spend a minimum of $50K and you’re interested in running a large branded campaign. This advertising option requires an authorized contract or purchase order with YouTube, and ads are served on a reservation-purchase basis, rather than the AdWords auction model." For more information, click here for their guide. Companies wanting to advertise on YouTube for less can sign up for Google AdWords for as little as a $1 CPM.

    Web video ads offered:

    • Home page video ads

    • In-video ads (overlays)

    • Video ads

    • Traditional display ads

    • No pre-roll ads

    Integration: Through Google’s content distribution via AdSense, YouTube video units are syndicated to Web sites across the Google Content Network. There have also been integrations, for example, between Google Gadget ads and contests on YouTube.

    Past clients: Adobe, Verizon Wireless, Samsung, BMW, MGM


    MySpace, a News Corp. business, is the biggest social networking site. The Web site users set up pages into which they can plant music and video, and MySpace offers entertainment channels with exclusive, original music programs, as well as video shows.


    Ad rates: A pre-roll video in the music section of (15-second video with a 300x250 pixel ad unit) carries a $25 CPM.

    Web video ads offered:

    • Pre-roll

    • Mid-roll

    • 5-second pre-roll bumpers

    • Banners and display ads also live on pages with video

    Integration: MySpace ads are sold solely on MySpace.

    Past clients: Ford, Toyota, Hairspray the Movie


    “Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary”
    "Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary" is a short, 3-times a week Web comedy about a teenage girl with a fictional genetic condition that makes her look like a grown man.


    Ad Rates: Ad rates range from $1,000 to $5,000 for product placement.

    Web Video Ads Offered:
  • Overlays

  • Banners

  • Product placement/integration

  • Integration: Product placement/integration is available across all sites where the shows are distributed such as YouTube and MySpace. Product placement is integrated into the show and lives with the content. Banner ads are available on the main site at Overlays differ from site to site.

    Past Clients: Time Warner Home Video.

    "Goodnight Burbank”
    “Goodnight Burbank” and sister show "Goodnight Burbank: Breaking News" are two Web comedies set in a fictional news studio. Critics have referred to “Goodnight Burbank” as "The Office meets The Daily Show."


    Ad Rates: Ad rates range from $3,000 to $8,000 for product placements.

    Web Video Ads Offered:
  • Overlays

  • Banners

  • Product placement/integration

  • Integration: Product placement/integration plays keep sponsors' messages in the content across all sites where a show is distributed, such as YouTube and MySpace. Banner ads are available on main site at Overlays differ from site to site.

    Past Clients: HBO.
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