Brightcove's Allaire on Making Money in Web Video

By Greg Published on .

Production: Brightcove founder Jeremy Allaire addressed the crowd at Limelight Networks' DigitalMedia 2010 to talk about how people are building viable businesses in Web video. In his October talk, Allaire noted that the open distribution Web video has let content startups flood the field. Major media brands have also jumped in, becoming de facto TV networks. For existing TV networks, that means new challenges in trying to get their content to the relevant audiences and in trying to hold on to advertising money. For the new guys, Web video represents a chance to grab ad dollars that have gone to TV networks. Here's a rundown on what Mr. Allaire is forecasting for Web video in 2008.

-Greg Baumann

Brightcove founder Jeremy Allaire, a Web video pioneer, ran through his analysis of how to make money in the medium at Limelight Networks' DigitalMedia 2010 event.

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