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Brigitte Dale's Observations in a Web Series

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If you run out of dough because you spent too much on shoes or because the world's economy has gone to hell, don't fret. Money isn't everything. At least that's what rich people say! Brigitte Dale, a video blogger makes that, and other wry observations in her posts. In this report, she also says personality traits are evidently defined by where you live, according to new research. Ms. Dale wonders since she just moved from Nebraska to California whether she will become less agreeable but more open to new ideas? Time will tell. Ms. Dale's quirky, slice-of-life reports run on her site Brigittedale.com and on ABCFamily.com. Her deal with the cable network's Web site began in early October. This video has earned at least 10,000 views so far across various sites. Ms. Dale's previous work included a video blog on television programming for AOL.

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