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Comedie Verite With David Price

Would You Accept a Heart Transplant From This Man?

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If you're charged with transporting a new heart to transplant into Broadway legend Bernadette Peters, it's probably best not entrust it to Web-video auteur David Price. He might drop it once—or twice. In this episode of Black20.com's variety Web series "The Middle Show," host Price takes some dives in the name of comedy. That includes the Bernadette Peters bit. (And no, Ms. Peters is not getting a heart transplant, at least to our knowledge.) Price goes on to accidentally toss holiday popcorn in the crosswalk, trip while carrying a dozen eggs, and stumble badly while carrying a five-disc DVD player that contained his precious copy of "Nurse Betty." The episode premiered Aug. 1 and had earned 300,000 views by Aug. 22.

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