Cooking With Web Video

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Production: Kitchen On Fire, a cooking school in Berkeley, California, latched on to Web video and integrated the medium into its business plan from the beginning. The school facility was built to also work as a studio, and in addition to the how-to and promotional videos on the site, the company is producing DVDs, including a Knife Skills installment that’s hitting the market soon. Kitchen On Fire started its Web site with videos, and recently hooked up with TurnHere, a Web video company that matches video producers with businesses, produces segments and distributes them. The result was a promotion for the cooking school that co-founder MikeC. says has helped market the cooking school through word of mouth from people who refer friends to the video.
Result: Kitchen On Fire got a special rate from TurnHere, which produced the video for about $500, MikeC. said. Local production company 01 Productions, run by Colin McAuliffe, shot the segment in about an hour and edited the piece. The video has been syndicated on TurnHere’s site, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Web site, and on among others. The company pays about $30 a month for hosting and services from TurnHere. For MikeC. and co-founder Olivier Said, video on the Web has helped engender a foodie community that pushes business to their company. The exposure and engagement with viewers that video engenders has paid off for Kitchen On Fire more than previous print advertising campaigns, MikeC. said. Now the company is considering syndicating the video with companies that place video screens in public locations around the city and plans to set up a YouTube video channel to host its offerings.
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