DuPont Mines Archives for Web Video

By Staff Published on .

Title: Protecting the Protectors: Firefighters

Owner: DuPont

Producer: Denuo, Whittman Hart

Strategy: DuPont was looking to increase awareness of what its products do and change perceptions about its brand among younger people who seek out information on the Web. Denuo conceived the “DuPont Science Stories” series to take advantage of the client’s history of making scientific advances. DuPont had 40 years of footage that the agency identified as a trove of material that could be used to tell the client’s story. Denuo secured the talent of former RocketBoom host Amanda Congdon and worked with technology provider Brightcove to create segments that would work on video-enabled blogs such as BoingBoing.

Result: According to Denuo, 25 percent of views in the campaign result from word of mouth recommendations. Over 60 percent of adults 18-44 indicated they would tell an average of 5 people about the videos, and the pilot episode drew close to 140,000 views. More than 100 sources covered the program, including Business Week, Forrester Research and CNN, spawning more than 600 comments. About 90 percent of viewers found the videos interesting, Denuo said. The campaign also resulted in positive attitude shifts across the DuPont brand’s attributes, exceeding results from previous campaigns, the agency said.
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