ExpoTV's Buzzy Product Reviews

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Production: ExpoTV.com is harnessing the power of user-generated video to deliver product reviews. Building on its library of more than 200,000 “videopions,” the company is producing segments in-house as well. CEO Daphne Kwon said the “Buzzcast” production is a way to illuminate products in a way that old-fashioned text can’t. Each segment costs less than $300 to make because ExpoTV can shoot multiple segments in one session with a team of three, including talent, a camera person, and a producer. Those shots are edited and repurposed for multiple uses, on the “Buzzcast” and other videos. That amortizes the cost over several products and lets the company use the same video to attract multiple audiences.

Result: ExpoTV’s productions are meant to generate revenue in several ways, providing content that can host different kinds of advertising, along with click-through shopping for the products that are featured. With the more popular products featured, ExpoTV can reach a 10 percent click-through rate, far above the industry average of less than one percent. For “Buzzcast,” ExpoTV also syndicates the content to Web sites that pay for the video. Web site such as AOL or Yahoo can pay a flat license fee or work an ad-revenue sharing deal with ExpoTV. Kwon declined to provide financial details of its deals with other sites or merchandise companies. The company’s videos also appear in the video-on-demand format.

-Greg Baumann

'The Buzzcast' is a production of ExpoTV.com, which is building on its library of user-generated product reviews with segments produced by an in-house team.

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