'The Fantastic Two' Seeks Web Audience

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Production: "The Fantastic Two" is part of the tidal wave of original scripted content being created in the Web video medium. The concept for the show, produced by Ironbound Films, was presented to Broadband Enterprises, which matches content with advertising on a network of Web sites that reaches as many as 50 million viewers. That network now includes over 2,000 sites including those of Comcast, USA Today, Lycos, Fox, and local TV news and radio stations.

Result: Broadband Enterprises matched "Fantastic Two," which follows two fanatical football devotees, to advertiser McDonald's. It then identified which sites on its network were appropriate distribution points, and arranged deals to pay those sites to carry the content. Ironbound creates episodes that cost between $20,000 and $50,000 each, depending on the cost of talent and other factors, said Broadband Enterprises CEO Matthew Wasserlauf. The ad deal covers the cost of production and distribution. Broadband Enterprises generally aims to break even with its charter sponsors and establish profit margins with subsequent ad deals. In the case of "Fantastic Two," the ad revenue is reaped from prerolls that are rotated until guaranteed numbers of audience impressions take place. After six episodes, "Fantastic Two" has generated 20 million streams. The cost per thousand views for Broadband Enterprises' content ranges from the low single digits to a high end of a $30-$40 CPM. The 'Fantastic Two' is commanding a CPM in the mid-$20 range, and perhaps slightly higher.
-Greg Baumann

Broadband Enterprises distributes original content and matches it with advertising. This episode of "The Fantastic Two" features William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

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