Featured Video: 2/8 Life

By Julieanne Published on .

PRODUCTION: “2/8 Life,” an original Web video series, has found popularity while “quarterlife,” the show it spoofs, deflates like an angsty souffle. It’s one of five original series produced by the Independent Comedy Network, a new-media comedy brand that aims to create Web content that’s worthy of network television. ICN works with talent to develop and distribute original comedy series on sites including YouTube and MySpace TV. They’re also aiming for the iTunes download market. Founder Mark Campbell, a former investment banker, has compared the network to “a farm league” for Web series that want to make the jump. In exchange for a piece of the action of new Web series, ICN.tv adds the polish of high production values and a studio-like development process to the content. The goal is to nurture user-generated content to make it more audience-ready and advertiser-friendly. Whether or not “2/8 Life” is network material, they’re spreading their bets. The company has as many as 40 potential projects on its radar.

RESULT: “2/8 Life” has received extensive press coverage across the media, including the CW’s “Morning News,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the New York Post. ICN.tv did not respond to a request for an exact number. “2/8 Life” has received TK hits on YouTube and TK on MySpace. It plays on more than a dozen other outlets.
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