Featured Video: There Will Be Bud

By Julieanne Published on .

Production: Part film parody, part pot comedy, the well-received Web short “There Will Be Bud” takes mustachioed aim at P.T. Anderson’s oil epic with a soundalike title. Though made on a shoestring, it captures the look (and the appearance of high production values) of the original, which is the goal of Brain Spray Media, the home site of multihyphenate content producer Josh Rachbach. In college, Mr. Rachbach began conceiving, directing, editing, scoring and starring in short films meant to showcase his talents for potential employers. As a result, Brain Spray was presciently armed with a roster of Internet video before the advent of YouTube. Now, with co-creators Lisa Pace and Ross Marquand having joined Mr. Rachbach, Brain Spray aims to put out “home-made creations” with the appearance of exceptional production quality to gain notice by distributors and network talent developers. All work is created and produced in-house.

Result: In its first week, “There Will Be Bud” garnered more than 100,000 views on FunnyorDie.com and more than 250,000 on YouTube. Brain Spray estimates a good deal of the traffic driven to its home site has come from aggregators such as CollegeHumor.com that don’t provide metrics. While no specific deals have been brokered, Brain Spray said the excellent response to the video has at least got the producers into meetings “with people who are in positions to reach a wider audience.”

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