Featured Video: Health Insurance Song

By Staff Published on .

Production: “The Health Insurance Song,” a comedic photo montage set to a song parody, came about after songwriter-comedian Chris Jones (who performs under the name “Jonesy”) was hospitalized with a head injury in 2005. Faced with massive medical bills, Jonesy attempted to save money by removing his own stitches at home. The results were disastrous enough to inspire him to write “The Health Insurance Song,” a musical parody highlighting the plight of Americans without healthcare. Jonesy often incorporates music into his standup act, and he decided to create a video montage set to “The Health Insurance Song” to draw attention to his pet cause and his abilities as an entertainer. The video, which he edited himself, intersperses pictures of protesters, stock medical photos and illustrations of dangerous activities he’d attempt if he had coverage. In addition to the usual video-sharing sites, he attempted to capitalize on this election year’s crop of young voters hitting news sites such as Reddit and Digg, cause blogs like Barely Political and social-networking groups. “The Health Insurance Song” and other Jonesy videos can be found at his home site, http://www.funnyjones.com.

Result: The video was picked up by DailyMotion.com, which featured it in its “news” section. Jonesy estimates the video has garnered around 25,000 hits on the top five sharing sites, but laments that his "Annoying Hot Girl at the Party" video, which lacks a message but has a cute girl as its thumbnail, is still more popular by several thousand views.
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