Featured Video: Little Minx Plays 'Exquisite' Game

By Julieanne Published on .

Production: “Exquisite Corpse” is a Web video series by Little Minx, a group of directors in the stable of Ridley and Tony Scott’s commercial production company, RSA. The series and its title are a riff on a French parlor game in which a sentence, story or drawing was constructed by partygoers, each adding a portion in sequence by either by filling in a blank (a la “Mad Libs”) or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous player contributed. In the case of “Little Minx,” four directors who had recently shot commercials for RSA were invited to create short conceptual films to showcase their talents, within certain constraints. Each had to ground the concept of his film in (1) the last line of the script from the preceding film and (2) the phrase “Little Minx.” A rep for RSA said the films were meant to serve not only as portfolio pieces for their directors (they’re being heavily promoted across filmmaking and advertising blogs), but as a way to “stretch their muscles as short film directors.” RSA also aims to expand its profile as a management company for its directors, who have worked on feature-length films, television and music videos.

Result: RSA estimates the videos get around 10,000 views a week across distribution channels including YouTube and Sony’s Crackle. It notes that it does not calculate the number of users who take advantage of their download option for personal media players, (nor does it record or release production costs). A fifth edition of "Exquisite Corpse" by Little Minx director Philip Van begat a partnership with Method Studios, which reached out to RSA to provide animation after the success of the first four films.
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