Featured Video: Ross Vorhees' How-To

By Staff Published on .

Production: Ross Vorhees may not be the most recognized creator on Metacafe, but he’s certainly one of the most successful. In only a few short months, the Witchita, Kansas, resident has used his science-oriented how-to videos to earn more than $11,000, a pretty astounding figure for a revenue-sharing program. Mr. Vorhees' kitchen-sink approach uses cheap and found materials to turn out kooky, environmentally friendly science projects, such as a passive solar heater made out of pennies, an HDTV antenna fashioned from a coat hanger or homemade biodiesel. He turned to online video to boost his income after a back injury kept him homebound. The father of one son with Asperger’s and one with Down's Syndrome, he hopes to use his videos and the resulting profits to raise awareness and funds for children with disabilities. The videos are all shot on a shoestring using basic equipment and home editing suites.

Result: Vorhees’ videos have garnered more than 2 million views on Metacafe, where they are distributed almost exclusively (he’s avoided posting on non-pay channels except to pique interest in his Metacafe page). He will continue producing his series of how-tos, but also plans to try his hand at other Internet cash cows such as social networking and user-edited content bookmarking sites. Through some of the contacts he’s made from his exposure on Metacafe, he’s been able to pick up side gigs, including writing for an online magazine, editing other users’ content and lending his voice and expertise to aspiring Web video DIYers.
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