French Maids: How-to Pioneers

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Production: was one of the vanguard Web video enterprises when it got started back in December, 2005. Since then, entrepreneur Tim Street has been making a business of creating saucy how-to videos that feature integrated advertising. His “How to Share Photos” episode, sponsored by photo-sharing software company Tubes, has pulled in 3.6 million views on YouTube alone. Street says he charges $50,000 for a video with integrated advertising, though the Tubes deal included elements like speaking engagements and PR that cut the cost to the client. Street shoots some of the segments himself, or hires cameras and crews if necessary, to achieve the video result he’s looking for. Production costs range from $5,000 to $20,000 per video.

Result: “How to Share Photos” is the most-viewed episode in’s library. Street’s business is episodic, and he produces a new feature whenever a sponsor comes calling. Right now, Street has some deals percolating that will build on his current business model, allowing him to produce more episodes. A former TV producer, Street is represented by talent agency UTA and does new media consulting. Beyond the sponsorship deal that made “How to Share Photos” possible, the video has brought in about $6,000 on Revver through that site’s 50-50 revenue sharing program, Street said.

-Greg Baumann's features like "How to Share Photos" played a part in the first wave of how-to Web videos.

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