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HealthiNation Adds 'Girl Talk' to Menu

Web Programmer Expands Into Lifestyle Content

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The range of fad diets runs the gamut: There's the military diet, the Entenmanns's diet, the laxative diet, the cottage cheese diet, the white diet. Who hasn't tried a million different weight-loss techniques? In this episode of HealthiNation's new show "Girl Talk," host Annabelle Gurwitch discusses crazy diet gimmicks with a group of women and why the diets didn't work. Then HealthiNation's dietician expert Sharon Richter weighs in, trashing the quick fixes and talking real nutrition. "It has to be a full-time commitment to health. It's calories in, calories out," she said. The video is the latest in the new series from HealthiNation that marks an expansion for the health-information network into more lifestyle-oriented content. The video was released in early October and was on track to reach about 5,000 views in its first week. Views should increase in the next few weeks as HealthiNation's distribution partners feature the video.

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