Kick-Starting a Web-Video Studio

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Production: “Stock Rockets” is one of the productions currently being road tested by newly formed Web-video creator FountainHeadStudios.TV. Company president Melissa Shusterman, a producer with 15 years of experience in the TV industry at channels including MTV, is among the crop of television producers trying to make a business out of creating content for the Web. She found “Stock Rockets” personality Barbie Hargrave, an actress, and started shooting.

Result: FountainHeadStudios.TV is launching in January, when audiences will decide whether “Stock Rockets” can take a place alongside “Wall Strip” in the Web-video financial news race. Shusterman and her private investors plan to build up Web video channels focusing on other popular topics such as family, food, how-to’s, dating and sex. Right now, FountainHeadStudios.TV has two employees, but the roster is set to expand by four or more next week, Shusterman said. She’s trying to take advantages of the cost savings of shooting for the Web while creating content that advertisers will embrace. The field of Web video production studios is getting crowded, but Shusterman and others are betting the thirst for Web video will create enough demand to create sustainable businesses.
-By Greg Baumann

"Stock Rockets" is one of the productions being fielded by, a newly formed Web-video creator that's seeking to create content that will attract audiences and the advertisers that want to reach them.

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