Enters Video Fray

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Production: employs Web video to target one of the most easily identified audiences on the Internet: Mothers. The site features a selection of user-generated videos (including hilarious tantrums thrown by unsuspecting tots). Co-founders Nicole Perry and Alyssa Banko are also moving into production of their own videos. They produced “Mommy Warriors-Christmas Shopping for the Guys” on a shoestring. Using a consumer level Sony video camera, they shot the segment in a day. The co-founders star in the piece, and their assistant filmed it. After about 5 hours of editing, the episode was complete. They post the material on the month-old Web site using software built for the WordPress blogging software that runs

Result: Videos are the most popular element of the site, Perry says. Traffic on the site is still small … their biggest day has logged 400 visits. The business is still in the proof of concept mode, but Perry and Banko plan to turn it into a revenue-generating proposition with banner advertising, click-thru ads and integrated sponsorships on their original videos. Newsletters and video and photo contests are also on the drawing board. The duo is represented by the Endeavor agency.

-Greg Baumann is branching out beyond user-generated video submissions to include produced pieces.

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