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Multi-Tasking French Maids

Cheesecake Spices up How-to Videos

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Problem: Taking potentially dull subjects and spicing them up. Answer: Sex.

Let's say you need to learn how to send videos over the Web securely. For instance, just made a video for the Internet. Only it's not quite ready for prime-time. Maybe you just want to show it to a client or a friend or your girlfriend (ahem). Naturally, you don't want the whole world to see it. So you need to make that video private.

This could be a dry and technical exercise. So how about letting some French maids teach you? The latest episode of "French Maid TV" instructs users how to make a Web video private. French Maid TV is an instructional Web series that demonstrates technical skills like registering for a domain name. The series is targeted at young men, using their interest in sexy French maids to draw eyeballs. This episode was sponsored by Internet video technology firm mDialog. The video premiered online on Aug. 11 and ran on YouTube, blip and mDialog.com, earning more than 655,000 views by Sept. 22.


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