MyDamnChannel's 'Wainy Days' Play

By Staff Published on .

Production: is among the video sites on the Web seeking to draw an audience with original programming. The business play? Pull in enough viewers with addictive content to package up for advertisers. MyDamnChannel hooked up with David Wain to create its “Wainy Days” video series. The deal to put “Wainy Days” on the Web is similar to the approach MyDamnChannel takes with other creators, company CEO Rob Barnett said. The artist pitches a concept, and once the idea and budget are agreed to with MyDamnChannel, the artist gets complete creative freedom. MyDamnChannel pays upfront for production fees, bandwidth, PR, marketing, and Web design. The payback? The artists get 50 percent of revenue the company pulls in from advertising on or syndication sales on other sites after the company recoups production and Web design costs.

Results: “Wainy Days” has turned into one of the biggest attractions at MyDamnChannel, which launched 100 days ago. When YouTube put two “Wainy Days” segments on its home page, the features drew more than 500,000 page views in three days, Barnett said. MyDamnChannel and YouTube split revenue from ads on the video-sharing site under that deal. Barnett declines to provide traffic figures for MyDamnChannel, and he said that advertising rates on the site vary, ranging from a $5 to $50 cost per thousand, in line with the rest of the industry.

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