MySpace's Big-Wave Event

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Production: MySpace's live stream of the Maverick's big-wave surfing contest drew 300,000 viewers last weekend, making it the third-biggest streaming event in the Web site's history. The contest, held near Half Moon Bay, California, is called at the last minute every year, to ensure the surfers are on the break when the swell hits. Maverick Surf Ventures produced the video of the event, which was covered by a crew of about 15, manning five cameras. The parties involved declined to share budget information on the shoot.

Result: The average play time for viewers was 20 minutes, and the program is going to be turned into a 1 hour broadcast on FuelTV this summer. Later, it will be sold as a DVD. Due to the last-minute nature of the event (and Webcast) there wasn't a sponsor of the real-time stream, according to MySpace. The event's offline sponsors include Clif Bar, Surfer Magazine, Pinger, Storm Surf, Doc's Pro Plugs, Hard Rock, Hotline Wetsuits, The Corporate Law Group, Capture Technologies, Reactor and MySpace.

-Greg Baumann

MySpace offered a live streaming Webcast of the Maverick's big-wave surfing contest this year.

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