Scripps Builds How-To Video Library

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Production: Scripps Networks' interactive division has built up a library of video content that now pulls in more revenue than some of the parent company's cable channels. The company examines search terms on its sites to come up with ideas for segments.

On, Scripps noticed that "kitchen backsplash" was a popular search, so it commissioned Philadelphia-based production company Banyan to created an original Web series on kitchen backsplashes. The host of the series was Scott Sicari, who appeared on "Trading Spaces."

Result: The entire series of eight episodes was shot in a week.

A designer created eight backsplashes, and the crew put each up, filmed, and ripped it out to install the next one. Each of the eight videos cost about $7,000 to produce, including the cost of material, labor, production company fees, development, script, talent and crew.

Scripps posted all eight episodes on in October 2006. The videos also ran on and and are accessible on and Scripps marketed the series on the home pages of and and promoted the series in its e-mail newsletter to subscribers.

By October 2007, the backsplash videos had generated 1 million views. Mr. Clem and his team are developing more ideas for original Web series and are currently producing a show on powder rooms for

-Daisy Whitney

Scripps Networks' library of video, including how-to's, has turned into potent part of their revenue strategy.

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