Simon & Schuster Taps Authors

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Title: The Glass Castle
Creator: Simon & Schuster, TurnHere
Owner: Simon & Schuster
Strategy: Simon & Schuster, seeking to build awareness of its authors and bolster brand recognition, set about creating Web videos of authors talking about their work. To create the content, the publishing company partnered with TurnHere, which creates videos for distribution on the Web and other media, said Simon & Schuster VP and Executive Director, Online and Consumer Marketing Sue Fleming. In addition to hosting the videos on, Simon & Schuster is relying on viral distribution to push the content to other sites, including those in its corporate family at CBS Corp. and video-sharing sites TurnHere has a relationship with.
Result: The video initiative started in June, and views of the videos have been going up week over week. “We all expected an initial bump, then an increase, then a plateau and dip in traffic,” Fleming said. “The plateau and dip hasn’t occurred.” While she declined to provide Web traffic numbers, she said the biggest surge in viewership has occurred in the last two months, with total streams of the videos doubling between August and October. That increase has been driven by word of mouth, not active marketing efforts. In the case of Jeannette Walls’ “The Glass Castle,” Fleming attributes the book’s staying power on the best seller list in part to the popularity of the video.
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