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Sincere Video Flattery for 'Twilight'

Participatory Video Site Spoofs Vampire Flick

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You know you've made it big when you're spoofed. The rubric certainly applies to the hit movie "Twilight," which has spawned a host of viral video parodies. In "Twilight Before Christmas" from the new participatory entertainment site Take180.com, a Bella wannabe confronts Santa, who asks her what he eats. Milk and cookies, of course. OK, so maybe you have to have seen the movie to get it. But even if you haven't made it to the theaters for the teen vampire romance, check out this spoof because the acting and production values are strong. Take180.com is a new site from Disney that mixes member- and professionally produced content. The video has earned more than 700,000 views across Take180.com, YouTube and MySpace.

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