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You Suck, At Photoshop and Other Stuff

Tutorial videos often run toward the dry end of the spectrum. Not so much with "You Suck at Photoshop."

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How's this for a Web tutorial? Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that your crazy ex-wife is trying to get you to pay child support for a kid you never fathered. What's your recourse? Photoshop of course! Use it to make a picture for your ex to let her know she's nuts. At least that's one of the skills Donnie, the main character in MyDamnChannel.com's popular Web series, "You Suck at Photoshop," teaches in the first episode of the second season. The first episode of the new season returned to My Damn Channel on June 27 and had amassed more than 366,000 views by late July.
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