Teaching Tequila Wisdom

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Production: Partida Tequila is filming interviews with bartenders and drinkers and posting them on its Web site to raise awareness of the brand. The company began by creating segments geared for bartenders, showing them how to make drinks featuring the brand. Looking to connect more directly with consumers, Partida began doing interviews with tequila drinkers about their adventures with the spirit.

Result: In October, Partida began doing its man-on-the street "Tequila Confessions," with help from ad agencies DePlano Group and Tarantula Web. Since then, traffic has tripled on Partida's Web site. Partida plans to keep stocking its site with fresh video, allocating about half its marketing budget to the project. Partida said it will spend a couple million dollars to create the video and its associated advertising campaign.
-Greg Baumann and Daisy Whitney

Partida Tequila is trying to break into a crowded high-end tequila market with interview videos of drinkers and bartenders.

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