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TiVo's Super Powers Revealed in Web Video

DVR Maker Experiments With Branded Entertainment

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What if a remote control with super powers fell from the sky? What if it fell into your hands? What if you pointed it at an annoying mime and froze him in a bid to preserve your sanity and the artistic sensibilities of all those around you? In this video, YouTube creator "Mr. Safety" plays off the theme of the movie "Click." The main character discovers a magical TiVo remote that lets him pause, fast forward and rewind people and events to his heart's delight. The remote even lets him do some freakish things like turn a basketball into a fake foot. The branded entertainment video was created by Cory "Mr. Safety" Williams via a deal brokered by the online video matchmaker HitViews between Mr. Safety and TiVo. It landed on YouTube on Nov. 11 and had earned 138,000 views by Nov. 17. A previous video created by "Mr. Safety" as part of the TiVo ad deal logged more than 500,000 views this summer.

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