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When Tootsie Met Sarah Palin

Web Creator Nalts Adds to His Library

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"Anyone heard of Alaska? The 49th state?" VP candidate Sarah Palin asks in this YouTube video. Only Ms. Palin, in this spoof, is really a he. If you want to know more about the Republican vice-presidential candidate, consider this from Web creator Kevin Nalty: She took the Wasilla high school Warriors to the championship in 1982 and voted yes to the new stop sign on the corner of Main and Moose. And no, she's not "running with the young black one," she says, but rather "the old white one." At the end of the video, Sarah takes off her wig and earrings, revealing herself as "Edward Palin," an homage to Dustin Hoffman's famous scene in "Tootsie" where he comes clean about his frumpy drag queen schtick. Mr. Nalty, who goes by the Web handle Nalts, has posted about 450 humorous shorts. "My wife did the makeup, and then I barely had time to shoot it, much less get the accent right. But I love Tootsie, and that's the gag," Mr. Nalty said. He posted the video on YouTube on Aug. 30 and it had generated 214,000 views by Sept. 8. He said the video was featured on a handful of political blogs as well as CNN.

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