Captures Professor's Wisdom

By Staff Published on .

Production: Carnegie-Mellon professor Randy Pausch is dying of pancreatic cancer. That made his participation in a “last lecture,” in which academics deliver a talk as if it were to be their last one, ring with pathos. Dow Jones' Wall Street Journal Online used the video, shot by the university, to illustrate a story that ran in the print version of the Journal. Dow Jones' news outlets are using video to compliment more of its stories, producing as many as 60 a week. That's attracting advertisers including United Airlines and Ford, who want to deliver their message in the Web video medium.

Result: Professor Pausch’s lecture became a viral sensation, garnering at least a million views online, according to his Web site. Dow Jones’ edited version of the Carnegie-Mellon video showed many people a side of the Journal they might not know, introducing the paper’s rich trove of feature stories to a whole new audience. The video caught on beyond the Internet, leading to follow-up stories on Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, ABC World News with Charles Gibson and Oprah.
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