Finding the Right On-Screen Talent

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With an increasing number of people flocking to the Web, content providers must constantly evolve to keep the attention of their users, making casting for Web-video talent an integral part of the equation.

In today’s era of multitasking, creators must take into account that video must be concise and engaging. When choosing the right spokesperson, there are several things to consider in the casting process:

--What is the purpose of the piece? Entertaining, educational or both?
--What is the point of view and message?
--Is the piece a feature that other articles will support?
--How can you optimize user engagement in this piece?

Here at AOL Coaches, we select top-tier experts who provide advice on various topics including relationships, careers, parenting and health. During our selection process, we first examine the talent’s expertise to assess how applicable and in-demand their field of knowledge is to our audience.

Once the demand is established, content creators should delve into the face or faces of the piece. What follows is a run-down of the secrets to success when selecting talent. The person who will be in front of the camera:

--Represents a unique voice and offers a distinctive point of view. The talent should be a seamless and direct reflection of the larger theme.
--Engages users. With so much going on online at all times, talent needs to grab viewers and hold their interest. This includes everything from appearance to inflection, excitement and perceived commitment to the cause.
--Provides a face for the site. Building on the preceding, the face should speak to the purpose and audience both visually and audibly.
--Entertains while providing information. The better job you can do of holding your audience’s attention, the more success and potential money you will generate.
--Translates well on the Web. Chances are, this video may be viewed on a 4x4 inch player and therefore has to aesthetically speak to the different setting. It is essential to remember that what works on TV does not always work on the Internet. Video players should be user-friendly and featured on a page with relevant promotional information to avoid confusing the user.

And lastly, get to the point--and fast!

Linda Evans is the Programming Director for AOL Coaches, the leading Web site for expert advice on wide-ranging topics including relationships, careers, weight loss, parenting, health and more. AOL’s Coaches provides time-saving tips and advice to help users improve their daily lives.
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