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The business of Web video is evolving rapidly, and the lexicon that is developing around the market is changing with it. If you’re a new publisher trying to pick up the tools you need to understand how Web-video advertising works, the lingo can be baffling. The glossary below is meant to provide a starting point for beginners, and a space for Web video pros to share their knowledge. If you’d like to contribute, please use the comments section below or e-mail the editor, Greg Baumann.

The auction system developed by Google that enables advertisers to bid on particular keywords they would like to purchase so that when a Google user enters the word in a search, the buyer’s Web site is more likely to appear at the top of the sponsored links on the search results page.

Alpha video
Animations that pop up on the page without affecting its other content or functionality. An alpha video can be a sponsor’s mascot or spokesperson, for instance.

Banner ads
Horizontal, rectangular ads typically displayed at the top or bottom of a Web page.

In-stream advertising
Ads that run within the video content, either as a pre-roll, post-roll or mid-roll

CPM (Cost Per Thousand)
The amount of money an advertiser pays for every 1,000 times an ad is seen on a Web page.

Mash-up tools
Editing software tools that let a user to take the video they are watching and combine that with other video or other content to form new content. For example, a user could take clips of a certain video and combine them with other video to make a new video.

Overlays/Flash overlays
Ads shown on the bottom 1/3 of the video screen consisting mostly of text with minimal graphics. The overlays can be clicked on to take the user to other content, such as a sponsor’s Web site or a full-length ad.

A video advertisement shown at the end of the video a user has selected to view. Typically 15 or 30 seconds in length.

A video advertisement that plays before the start of a video that a user has selected to play shown prior to the user's selected content starting to play. Typically 15 or 30 seconds in length.

Pre-roll bumpers
Short pre-roll video ads or content previews shown before a user's selected content starts to play. Typically 8 seconds in length.

Product and brand integration
A video that includes identifiable products or logos embedded into a video’s content, such as a character in the video is holding a brand-name can of soda.

Rate card
The price list of the various forms of advertising on a particular Web site.

Reminder unit
A static ad that runs outside a video player, below a video ad from the same advertiser

Reservation-purchase basis
An advance reservation for an ad, meaning the ad must be bought and reserved in advance

Full-screen ad that usually takes over the home page of a Web site when a visitor lands there. The ads, which can usually be bypassed by users who can find a “skip this ad” message, can run for any length of time. Most run 15 or 20 seconds. Alt. def: An advertising package that gives a sponsor all the ad units on a Web site.

Vertical, rectangular ads typically displayed on the left or right side of a Web page.

Static ad
Ads that have a defined place on a Web site. They can link either to an advertiser’s Web site, or launch a video ad from that sponsor.

Static companion ad
A static, square ad that typically sits to the right of a video as it plays. A static ad generally is from the same advertiser as in-stream ads placed in the content.

Transitional pages
Static pages that appear full screen when a user moves from one section to another of a site.

Video ads
Ads in the form of a video, rather than a banner, display or text ad.

Video buy
An ad buy involving video

-Daisy Whitney
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