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Original Content Being Licensed Internationally

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The Web series "Gemini Division" recently wrapped up its initial online run here in the United States, but it's now rolling out in Australia online and on-air on the Sci Fi Channel there, one of many pending international premieres for the Rosario Dawson digital series.

The launch of "Gemini Division" in Australia is expected to be followed by rollouts in countries including the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany across a range of visual mediums: broadcast, cable, mobile phones and online portals.

The international distribution strategy for "Gemini Division" underscores a growing opportunity for Web producers. Licensing a Web show to a foreign county is an additional revenue stream for ad-supported shows—and it's often the one that helps them turn a profit.

"Gemini Division" producer Electric Farm Entertainment also inked international deals for last year's Web show "AfterWorld" via a partnership with Sony Pictures Television International, which handles the foreign rights for Electric Farm's programming.

The pursuit of foreign licensing for digital shows is the latest sign that Web producers need to mimic the best practices of Hollywood to make money. International sales are a staple of the television business and are entering the Web business as well. Web studios including Michael Eisner's Vuguru, sites such as and networks including ABC have struck international deals for Web originals.
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