Research: Young Men Like Girls—and Web Ads

Break Media Touts Appeal of Web Ads for Young Men

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Young men 18 to 34 are receptive to online ads and can recall about half of the spots they see on the Web, according to research released today from Break Media.

The company found that 47% of online men in that demographic have purchased a product or service after seeing an online ad. Break's network of sites includes several male-skewing Web destinations, so the company has a vested interest in promoting the effectiveness of ads targeted to young men. Still, the research is valuable as it also points to broader trends in online programming for men.

For instance, 59% of young men notice ads, 35% like ads that allow them to play a game and 34% like ads that allow them to participate in a contest. In addition, 69% say they can't live without the Internet, compared with 31% for television. The study found that 40% use the Internet for more than 22 hours a week and one third say they can't live without online entertainment.

But young men say they won't sacrifice real women for women they meet on the Web. The study reported that 79% would rather meet a woman out on the town than online and 71% prefer a date with a "hot girl" to a poker game with the boys.

The study was conducted by research firm Hall and Partners.
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