ThePlatform's Top Five Lists for 2007-2008

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ThePlatform, one of the online video-management companies vying for business in a highly competitive environment, delivered its top five lists for 2007 and 2008, counting down the most significant issues in the Web video industry.

For 2007, media companies’ attempts to regain control of their video content on the Web (Think NBC bailing on YouTube and Viacom suing YouTube.) landed a spot on thePlatform’s list of important issues. The Hollywood writers strike (and how it highlighted the importance of digital distribution of entertainment) also got a mention. The syndication of content broadly across the Web to reach more viewers earned a spot on the list, as did the bloom of programming made just for the Web. ThePlatform rounded out the top five with the debate at media companies over whether to build delivery technology in-house or hire outside firms.

For 2008, thePlatform says to look out for media companies eliminating video-viewing cul-de-sacs, so that consumption of one video leads to consumption of another. The 2008 list also predicts media companies will embrace technologies that make it easier for viewers to find video. Another point: the investment boom in online video may end up in tears for some companies that can't grow fast enough to become perennials. ThePlatform predicts that some large publishers will essentially become their own video wire services, delivering their content and sharing video more widely, while selling advertising in the medium and managing content more seamlessly. Lastly, thePlatform posits the emergence of a dominant video aggregator who will deliver quality content to homes as an alternative to traditional TV.

-Greg Baumann
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