Web Transforming Ad Industry: Five Trends

By Greg Published on .

With advertising on the Web set to grow 18 percent this year (and overall ad spending rising 2.3 percent), the Wall Street Journal weighs in with five trends to watch (subscription required.) 1) Marketers will demand ad-agency conglomerates to coordinate efforts better internally, so campaigns are media agnostic, going across whichever medium is right for the product being pitched; 2) Outdoor advertising may surge as marketers seek harder-to-reach audiences, bringing more TV screens to grocery stores, gas stations and other locations; 3) Ad makers will embed researchers with families to learn more about how they feel about different pitches; 4) Consumers may grow skeptical of corporate shilling under the green banner of eco-friendliness; and 5) Concerns over privacy may chill the boom in using social networking services to market goods.
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