How Much Did That Webisode Cost?

By Greg Published on .

As the Hollywood writers strike drags one, people are speculating how much potential original scripted Web videos have to draw audiences. NewTeeVee takes a great look at the other side of the equation, nailing down numbers on how much those Web episodes can cost to make. On the low-budget end of the scale, Web sitcom “Break a Leg” costs about $500 a pop to produce. One hundred episodes of horror series “Buried Alive” cost under a half million to produce (about $3,333 a minute). “Prom Queen” cost $3,000 per 90 seconds, and 135 minutes of “Sanctuary” cost $4.3 million. NewTeeVee’s survey ends up saying that $1,000 per minute for Webisodes sounds about right, while traditional TV minutes cost between $61,000 and $73,000 per minute. Check out WebVideoReport’s featured video on “Quarterlife,” where Marshall Herskovitz weighs in on the costs of that Web production.
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