YouTube Pays Ad Program Partners $1 Mil

By Sergio Published on .

YouTube has paid more than $1 million to content creators who are part of its advertising partner program, the site announced on its blog. One of its partners, Yuri Baranovsky, tells NewTeeVee he has received $1,600 for the 2 million views received through his “Break a Leg” series, or about 80 cents per 1,000 views. YouTube tells NewTeeVee that different partners receive different ad revenue rates. The number of partners in its ad program remains undisclosed. And what about all those viral sensations that amassed millions of views in the early days of YouTube? Unless those video celebrities who were able to bank an endorsement deal, like Tay Zonday with Dr. Pepper, they didn’t make anything at all, Gawker notes. YouTube’s partner program continues to grow, expanding into Japan, Australia and Ireland, the company says.
-Sergio Ibarra
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