A Few of My Favorite Things

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Hard for me to believe, but some of you may never have seen my old columns in Ad Age. Others may have read them but quickly forgotten what they were about (I know I often did).

But two of my more recent columns dealt with issues that are likely to be recurring themes in this space, so I thought I'd summarize and link to them and (hopefully) get your comments so we can continue these conversations here.

The first deals with a concept I call GMOOT, short for "Get Me One Of Those." It's a phenomenon that helps explain why there are so many lousy viral videos and half-assed new-media initiatives out there. They're not the end result of a real strategy, but are done for the sake of doing something because . . . well, because everyone else is.

The second column is about the need for media outlets to stop waiting for a dollar in print (or TV or radio, etc.) to be a dollar online. Companies can't afford to sit around waiting for the value gap to close. They have to lose the dollar-for-dollar mentality, stop protecting the legacy model and existing pots of money, and redefine their business models. Now.

Anyway, take a read and let me know what you think, because these are discussions we need to keep having.
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