From Observer to Participant

Or, Why I Made the Difficult Decision to Leave Ad Age for Consumer Media

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Most of my career has been spent in business media, but has revolved around consumer media. As a journalist, I was an observer and critic. As a publisher, a marketing partner to consumer magazines, TV networks and web sites.

And I've always been a passionate consumer of media and pop culture, a fan of great movies, books and music.

Which could explain why I'm leaving Ad Age, and a company and job I love, to accept this opportunity.

Can't even begin to sum up how wonderful this place has been to me, and what an honor it's been to serve as editor and publisher. This business is populated with great people and colorful, charismatic characters, and while it's hard to leave, I'm thrilled that I'll still get to work with many of you, and to spend my days involved with the topics I'm most passionate about: media; marketing; brands; and entertainment.

To all those who ever believed it was worth some small portion of their time on the planet consuming my words and thereby bestowing credibility on my views (even when you disagreed), thank you.
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