Restrain Yourselves

So Says MSN's Gayle Troberman

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The word of the day: "restraint."

Ad Age and the Advertising Women of New York drew nearly 900 people to a luncheon yesterday celebrating our 2007 Women to Watch honorees. So much for conventional wisdom about not holding events in the dog days of summer because everyone's on vacation.

Anyway, more than 20 honorees showed up, from companies including Coca-Cola, Kraft, McDonald's, Time Inc. and Google. Jonah Bloom asked each of them to spend a minute or so on the question of what they see as the biggest challenge in the marketing business today. Lots of good stuff, most centered (of course) on the theme of change. But the best advice came from Microsoft's delightful branded-entertainment guru Gayle Troberman.

Simply put, Gayle called on the industry to reign in the desire to litter the landscape with crappy (my word), poorly thought-out projects in the name of innovation. "That's my answer," Gayle concluded. "Restraint."

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